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Ikea - a Grand Adventure

I'm spending this weekend at mom & dad's new house. Yesterday after work, I loaded up stuff for supper & clothes for the weekend and headed to the parental units' new house. Before I could make their supper, however, we had to do a short trip to Kroger for some vegetable oil. We decided to try walking to the grocery. And it's a nice walk, too.

On our way back, mom and I popped into Papa John's (which is in the same shopping complex as Kroger) and bought two garlic butter packs (for the bread sticks I was going to bake). And when we returned, I mixed up the ingredients for Ghirardelli's Caramel Turtle Brownie Mix and got that baking (the first thing to be baked in the oven - yay!) I also baked bread sticks and cooked the shrimp & broccoli alfredo on butterfly pasta (both MarketDay purchases). Before I'd left for the house, I'd made up a salad as well.

So we had supper at the dining room table (which is half covered in sort-of-unpacked glassware, but there was room for 3 of us). The alfredo stuff was tasty. And I'm glad we got the garlic butter sauce - that just set off the bread sticks nicely. We then settled down to watch Star Trek (the 2009 movie). It was a great choice to show off mom's new plasma screen TV. We had brownies about halfway through. Tasty tasty!

We got up early today and headed to Ikea in time for their free coffee time. We all got the regular breakfast and also split an order of sausage gravy on biscuits. Then we did our mega-shopping extravaganza.

Dad's main priority was getting the bookshelves for his den. Mom's main priority was getting her tables for her bonus room. And I had a goal too - the Ektorp sofa bed and a matching chair. We all successfully found our goals and a few other things to boot. We filled the car and also each had stuff scheduled for delivery. (It's $89 to get stuff up to 500lb delivered to our addresses.) The folks' bookshelves and table parts will arrive Monday and I scheduled my sofa and chair (I got the Ektorp recliner) to come Wednesday, since we've got that day off.

Tonight we'll go to the bookstore in Troy since they're having their annual holiday sale, and then head to O'Brian's since Rick Fannin is performing there again tonight. Tomorrow - who knows? I hope to get a walk in to Boston Stoker (local coffeehouse chain) tomorrow. Still haven't been in their new store in Troy.
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