Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
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Short Update

My thesis proposal was approved by my advisor and he only had a few corrections for me to make. Woohoo!

My sister arrived today!

My folks are moving this Saturday to their new house (hence Amy arriving today).

I'm taking tomorrow afternoon and all day Friday off to help with the move.

I'm working on a Soooper Seeekrit Project for mom & dad in honor of their move (though I'm a bit behind). I'll describe it more later (after I've given it to 'em - mom reads this journal, you know...)

We had supper at Indian's Pizza (the local pizza joint which is owned by my coworker) with mom's brothers & their spouses and my cousin Patty. Fun night out for all!

Should be a fun (albeit busy) weekend!
Tags: amy, dad, family, mom
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