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I Aten't Dead

Been ages since I last posted, so I figured I'd better pop a quick note in to say that all is well, I'm just a bit busy.

I'm working on my thesis proposal with a goal to have it done by Halloween - of this year. That would be, like, this Saturday. Ahem. So here I am, writing my literature review (or rather, taking a break from writing my literature review to give Lucy scritchies, comment on Twitter, and type this up).

Got my costume planned for Friday (dress up day at work) and should have photos this weekend. Tomorrow's Beggar's Night in our county, so I'll be interested to see how many kids I get. I might wind up working on my proposal while I wait for the kiddies to pop by. The parental units are at their first party at their soon-to-be community tomorrow night, so no Beggar's Night for them.

Last weekend was a Buy Music Weekend for me (and I partially blame gregmce for it) which I hope to write about soonish. I expanded my MP3 collection with the new purchases as well as with some older DW audios (the missing eps) finally ripped into my collection. And updated playlists. Etc.

This past weekend I also installed Winders 7 proper on my PC. Go me! Got it for the $30 college price. Yay for Masters program! (One of these days before my graduation I intend to get Adobe Web Premier for a reduced rate thanks to my scholarly ways. Heh.) Oh, and also related to college, I have registered for what I hope will be the final credit hour in my program. Yay!

OK, that's enough procrastinating. I should get back to writing my literature review. (As I told the folks in Twitter, I'm not even done with my thesis proposal yet and I've already got 30 citations.)
Tags: college, halloween
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