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Winders 7 Upgrade for $29.99

When I found out about Microsoft offering Winders 7 for $29.99 to college students (thanks to Twitter) I immediately pre-ordered it, then passed the news along to my Twitter followers. And promptly forgot to mention it to LJers on my list. Whoops - sorry about the oversight!

So anyhoo, if you're interested and you've got a valid .edu e-mail address (and preferably proof that you're taking at least .5 semester hours in case they ask), you can pre-order Winders 7 for $29.99 from Click on the box that says "Buy." You can get Premium or Professional, 32 or 64-bit. (I went 64-bit, Pro.)

UK college students, you, too, can be infected, er can buy Winders 7 for a low price as well.

My main OS will still be Ubuntu (and I'll probably upgrade to 9.10 when it comes out later this month), but for gaming and a few other Winders-only programs (MediaMonkey specifically), I'll have my Winder 7 partition.

(Of course, I'm writing this current post on my laptop which has Winders XP on it. Heh.)
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