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Quiz Results - not always what you'd think...

Online quizzes and blogs seems to be a match made in hell heaven or something. One of the ones doing the rounds in my Friends list is What decade does your personality live in? (quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd).

Turns out when I took the quiz (which was made in 2002, apparently) it informed me that "your personality hasn't found its home yet! ... but then again, you've still got some growing up to do, haven't you? you need to experience all of what this decade has to offer before you can determine what decade you'd feel most comfortable in. you were most likely born after the year 1984. keep on growing up, kid." (Emphasis added by me.)

Woah! Talk about getting things wrong... I'm president of the local 1971 club, here! I've lived during 4 decades thus far. I guess it just can't handle the fact that I'm a 21st century gal. :-)

(And what clued me in to this quiz being written in 2002 was the statement after the little picture: "don't rush the growing up -- you've got eight whole years!" So I checked the copyright date and sure enough, 2002.)
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