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Steak's a success!

After staying up late last night, judiang and I slept in today. I woke up in a nest of inflatable bed, but wasn't touching ground yet, so that was good. (It has a very slow leak. Thankfully slow enough to last me through to pee time.)

Since we'd gotten up so late and I had forgotten to buy cereal when I was at the grocery yesterday, I suggested we go to Haus der Eleganz, a little preppy coffee shop in Minster. We did and then asked for the breakfast menu (despite it being noon). We both ordered omlettes - mine was feta, spinach, and bacon. There was also toast and fruit (most of the fruit being various melons, but Judi let me have all of her non-melon fruit, so I had that instead). (I'd also ordered a vanilla Italian cream soda, but that was when we were looking at the lunch menu. I was finished with it by the time the food arrived.)

I popped across the street to the grocery to pick up cereal (Haus isn't open on Sundays or Mondays) and ice. Oh, and rum. Judi stayed in the car (don't worry, I opened the windows a crack).

Back at the cottage I did as much prep as I could for supper. Tossed the salad (spring mix, romaine, feta & Gorgonzola, Roma tomatoes, slivered almonds and craisins, blueberry pomegranate dressing). Made the pineapple topping for the coconut ice cream. Toasted some sliced almonds. Then sat and worked on my mini for a bit before reading and eventually napping. Judi was napping the entire time. :-)

Mom and dad arrived around 4pm with the corn on the cob. So then I put the ears to soak in water for at least an hour before grilling. Aunt Becky arrived next, followed by Uncle Dean later. With everyone here, I started the fire (with issues, but we managed it).

The corn was grilled first since it takes the longest. I had them on rotation and got all but 4 ears (of the 16 mom brought) grilled. Then I put the t-bones on. They were HUGE and could only get 4 on the grill at a time. But I got 'em done and they were cooked just right, apparently. Folks were already eating the salad and then the corn by the time I had the steaks in. They said they liked it all. I really liked my stuff too. (The corn was perfectly sweet and still firm - Fulton's corn at its peak. No butter or salt needed!

Becky had brought some fruit and cake along, so we had that as well. Very nice selection of fruit and she made an orange/lemon sauce to pour on top. Yummy. I had a piece of the blueberry snack cake that she'd made. A successful experiment, IMO.

We were all stuffed to the gills, so Dean headed back home and we ladies started a game of pinochle. After a test round to make sure we remembered the rules, we played in earnest. With just a couple rounds to go (with Judi and me in the lead) we paused for ice cream and pound cake.

The coconut ice cream was very soft and in the freezer here at the lake, became even softer. But with a scoop or two on pound cake and then the topping of your choice (pineapple, chocolate fudge, and/or toasted almonds), it was quite tasty. I opted for chocolate and almond slices. Yum! I think I'll experiment some on that coconut ice cream recipe, but it was an excellent first attempt.

We finished the game and Judi and I managed to maintain our lead. Thankfully Becky and mom didn't get any amazing double runs or anything to snatch victory away from us. :-) Becky then headed home, followed shortly by the parental units. Plans are made to meet them at the movie theater tomorrow to see Harry Potter 6.

So now we're just vegging on our laptops. Judi's roleplaying her dog Lance on IRC (he's quite the entertaining fellow), I'm writing all this. Maybe we'll get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. *snerk*
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