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Blows the dust off this journal

Wow, been 20 days since I last posted. Course the main reason is cuz I've not been doing much of anything. But my summer vacation is almost up - teachers first day is Wednesday. Kids come the following Monday.

So to finish off my very short summer, judiang has flown in today and we'll be weekending here at mom & dad's cottage at the Lake. Alas, elsaf can't join us, so we're missing her. Still, we'll try to have fun without her. :-)

Since Judi had to fly into Columbus (cuz it's so much cheaper than flying into Dayton), I looked around online for a restaurant there to go for a late lunch. I found a pub called The Old Bag of Nails (the Bexley one), so we headed there for lunch. They've totally screwed up the roads around the airport, so my GPS got us a bit lost. Once I removed "major roads" from the settings, it got us there pretty easily.

I had intended to get the "all you can eat fish & chips" so I did. Judi ordered an appetizer of mussels and shrimp (I ate the five shrimp, she had the 4 million mussels - an exaggeration, but they do love giving you mussels) and the seafood platter (fish & chips along with battered shrimp & scallops). The food was very yummy. We then agreed to split the homemade bread pudding ala mode. The waitress brought out two servings of it and apologized for getting carried away when cutting up the freshly baked bread pudding. Sure enough, she only charged us for the one serving. It was also very yummy.

Although I had inputted the address for COSI (the Center of Science and Industry) into my GPS, Judi preferred instead to head on home. No problemo. Stuffed to the gills, we squeezed back into my car and I drove us home. When we got off the interstate, I took her around to mom & dad's new house & showed her around. She was quite impressed.

After a short stop in my house to pick up the groceries I bought this morning, we finally headed to the Lake. We've been here a few hours and have been vegging and catching up on our online lives. I even finished my first book for July. (Most of this year I've gotten at least 5 books read in a month - July has been an exception. Though I did reread HP6 & 7 just recently.)

Tomorrow, I'll be grilling t-bone steaks & corn on the cob for Judi, the parentals, Aunt Becky & Uncle Dean. I shall endeavor to channel Elsa's cooking mojo. :-)
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