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Gaming the rest of the summer away....

In case you were curious, I got home from Chicago just fine. Flight & drive back both smooth & easy - the best way to travel. Since I've been home, I've been trying to milk the little remains of my summer as best as possible. (Short summer due to early school start - all new school building related. It will be our last school year in the 1922 building.)

Our school isn't the only new construction going up - mom & dad are having a house built in the next town over. It's been fun watching the progress of that. We've been taking lots of photos and videos of it. I missed 2 weeks of the construction since I was in Wooster & Chicago, but now I'm back in the flow of things.

We watched the trusses go up on Tuesday. They had the big crane out & were putting them in place and then nailing them proper. Quite fun. Yesterday they were putting tar paper on the sheathing. Mom and I watched it from the swimming pool. :-) (The "gated community" that they're moving into has a pool. And we were allowed to go swimming. Yay!)

Thanks to judiang (who is, I believe I said before, EVIL) I wound up buying a Wii and WiiFit for myself on Tuesday. It's been fun and I've started a regimen with it. After a couple of days up, I finally went down in weight today. We'll see if I can stick with it. Just bought two other titles for it today.

And unfortunately, before I bought the Wii, I reupped my World of Warcraft subscription, so I've been playing that a lot lately too. But it's been fun. Despite my playstyle (which is to focus on professions first, leveling second) I've gone from level 43 to 47 since I reupped. Heh.

Anyhoo, tomorrow I intend to get a handle on my house and maybe even get back to work on my Master's Thesis. And of course I have to rewatch all of the Harry Potter movies before Wednesday. (Watched the first flick today. Gee, they were all so small then!)

So anyway, happy gaming to all you gamers! And happy summer to the rest of y'all! (Or winter, as the case may be.)
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