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Last full day, Chicago 2009

Alas, today was my last full day in Chicago. But judiang and I have been making the most of it. We started yesterday after our vegging/YouTubing time.

Judi needed a iPhone 3Gs case for her new iPhone since her case for version 1.0 interfered with the sensor. I said either BestBuy or the Apple Store would be the place to go and asked which she wanted. She decided on BestBuy. Bad idea... Remember, elsaf and her car are heading back to Michigan at this time.

In addition to a case, she ponders BlueTooth headsets. She finds one and a case. And then we mistakingly go by the game consoles. And the Wii tells Judi she has to buy it. I tell her she shouldn't. I mean, she'd need to buy the WiiFit as well to make it worthwhile. And then she talks to a salesman. And he suggests getting WiiPlay with the added Wiimote. I tell her not to, but she does it all the same...

So now we've got a ton of stuff to carry back, in the rain, to the condo. Thank goodness for the #12 bus. We dump the stuff in her pad and then take off, in the rain, to a tapas place Judi's not been to before, Tapas Valencia. It was my first time for proper Spanish tapas.

When we saw the prices, we realized we were just going to have to go all out. So we started with drinks. Judi got a white Sangria and I got a Passion Martini. Not a big fan of martinis, but this one was tasty.

Our first two tapas were duck confit and crab stuffed puff pastries. Judi wanted to eat the rest of the duck and I wanted to marry the puff pastries. (It wouldn't have worked out - turns out they were a tad salty upon further investigation.) We followed with patatas bravas (or as I called 'em, brave potatoes) which were spicy and yummy. Thankfully they brought out bread as well to help cool our palates.

We agreed early on to get paella, and chose the Paella Mariscos (mussels, clams, scallops, calamari, and shrimp). It, too, was tasty (though I still just don't have a palate for mussels. I did eat one and left the other two for Judi).

We finished the meal with dessert. I picked the crema de chocolate, which wound up being creme brulee with little pieces of bittersweet chocolate in it. Way yum and even Judi agreed it beat out her choice of rice pudding (or Spanish kheer as she called it). The bill wound up being somewhat reasonable (just under $40 each including tax & tip, which is less than we originally estimated).

Once back at the condo (after our waddle home) we fiddled until we heard fireworks. They started the Navy Pier fireworks 10 minutes early. We got up in time to watch the last half of the boom boom, but it was over by 9pm (the time it was supposed to start). Still, at least I finally remembered the glow bracelets/necklaces that I brought with me. So Judi and I played with them some (until one broke on me).

We decided then to set up Judi's new Wii. And wound up playing until about 1am. Ooops. And man, I now have to get one too. Evil Judi is Evil for buying a Wii.

Today we got up at a decent hour because we wanted to catch the first showing of Up at the 600 (AMC). So we had breakfast at the cafe across from her condoplex. I had mascarpone-filled French toast with blueberries and creme anglaise. Very yummy.

We arrived at the theater perfectly. Just a couple of minutes before the trailers started. I'd seen Up earlier this summer, but I didn't mind spending $6 to see it again in the theater. Judi enjoyed it as well (her first time seeing it).

We took the bus to the Taste then and I bought 3 more strips of tickets. This time I spent all but 1 ticket (as did Judi). We gave our last two tickets to a family of four on our way out.

My food this time was as follows:
  • Macaroni & cheese from Manny's Cafeteria & Delicatessen (only because Judi was in line for the turkey leg)
  • Small strawberry pecan salad from Home Run Inn Pizza (very yummy and pretty big for Taste portion)
  • Shrimp rolls from The Noodle Vietnamese Cuisine (basically shrimp in egg roll wrap, fried. Tasty.)
  • Pad Thai from Star of Siam (of course I had to get a Taste of pad Thai)
  • Crispy noodle shrimp from Polo Cafe & Catering (basically shrimp covered in noodles & fried - not too shabby)
  • Lemon Italian ice from Mazzone's Italian Ice (and I tried some of Judi's mango Italian ice - tasty and refreshing)
  • Taiwan shining noodles from Tamarind (yummy)
  • Frozen chocolate dipped cheesecake bar from JR Dessert Bakery (the only thing I bought that wasn't a Taste portion. Very yummy, an excellent end to Taste of Chicago 2009)

We were happy that it was warm today and realized we tcould go swimming when we returned. So after a short break at the condo, we went swimming. I got to be in the pool for just over 45 minutes. Woohoo! It was very refreshing.

We vegged a bit more, played some Wii, then grilled hot dogs. (I'd eaten the rest of my pint of ice cream while Wii-ing.) Then more intense Wii-ing where I whupped Judi's ass at baseball, tennis, and bowling. Go me! We also did some WiiPlay where I was whupping Judi's ass again, but she hasn't had any practice at WiiPlay yet (I played it earlier today). Fun stuff. Evil game console!

Tomorrow I fly home. I'm sad to be going, but am glad I get to see my kitties again!

Playing around with glow sticks
Playing around with glow sticks
Amazing what designs you can get with glow sticks (the necklace kind) and cell phone cameras.
More glowing
More glowing
This is 3 colors of thin glow sticks (blue, purple, yellow) in motion.
Ooops... Glowing hand.
Ooops... Glowing hand.
One of the glow sticks broke when formed into a bracelet. Glow on my hands and everywhere.
Taste of Chicago Entrance
Taste of Chicago Entrance
Finally we go through the official entrance of the Taste (instead of via the "back door" of the festival).
Mii & Judi (I'm ahead so far!)

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