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Chicago 2009

Well, back in my favorite Big City (well, favorite enough), Chicago. Flew from Columbus to Midway today and arrived in time for a late lunch with judiang. We originally headed for Howies, a hamburger joint near her place, but when we got there, the place was closed. A handwritten sign said that the owners had vacated the premises and wouldn't be reopening. I'm sure the story behind that is interesting, whatever it is. We headed across the street to Zapatista instead.

Since it was late for lunch, we decided to split a lunch. We got enchiladas suisa with chicken. It came with refried beans and rice. Tasty tasty. Judi had a virgin margarita that wound up being more foam than beverage. We headed for Judi's apartment to await elsaf's arrival. She was driving in from Michigan.

We watched several episodes of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares on BBCA while I got online with her wireless network. Elsa arrived shortly before 6pm, which was within her predicted window. After she rested up a bit from the long drive, we walked to Ma & I, a Thai and sushi place a couple of blocks from Judi's place. I ordered pad thai with a starter of California roll. Yummy!

Across the street from Ma & I is an ice cream place, Marble Slab. So of course we had to go there for some ice cream. I had a waffle cone with Swiss chocolate ice cream and birthday cake batter ice cream. Very yummy.

Now we're vegging out in Judi's den. We watched the end of Aliens and will soon be watching the first two eps of Supersizers for this season (once Judi gets the DVD burned). Tomorrow should be a fun day - we may head to Taste of Chicago. More yummy food!
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