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Wonka Violet!

You'd think I could have thought of the solution to my color dilemma sooner. Obviously, the thing to do is find a photo of the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka and use Paint Shop Pro to determine the right color of purple. So I did that this afternoon and have changed the colors accordingly. Mags mentioned that the lilac background was a bit too pervasive and I agree. So I've switched to white for the text background and Wonka Violet for pretty much everything else. I also changed my links to black and dark gray. I think that works pretty well. (It was hard for me to leave red and blue behind, but I can live.)

I've also modified my links to include Mags' blog from blogspot and axonite's comic Station V3 (which is fun to read). This will allow me to read their offerings when I read through my friends list. If I find other blogs or comics that I feel the need to check often, this will be a good place for them.

In other news, we were released from school early (ended up to be 15 minutes early, but hey, that was still early) due to the freezing rain that was coming (and is now upon us). I braved the walk home (about half an hour after the kids normally leave) and met dad on the way home. (He had been at the barber - whom I've always called Dickie Boy and who always calls me Trina Girl - and spied me slowly walking home. He had an umbrella - useful for keeping off freezing rain.) When I started the walk home, we were getting nice fluffy snow - absolutely gorgeous - but before I met dad even, it was sleet.

And in even better news - FedEx was here today! Alas, they couldn't deliver the package since I wasn't here, but they left one of those "sign here and we'll leave it somewhere on your property, maybe" cards. So I've signed it and hopefully when I get home tomorrow, I'll have a camera! Yay!
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