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Beautiful Sunday Morning

It's lovely out right now, likely to continue into a lovely day in the lower 70s°F. We're down to the last week of school, but that doesn't seem to make me any more caught up. Indeed, I sometimes feel even further behind. (The treasurer's assistant assures me that "being caught up" is an illusion. I think she's right.)

Still, I have moments of calm before the panic, and this is one of them. So I'll take some time to write more about the Super Weekend of Fun that I had when my sister et al came in for Alumni.

As soon as I had nominated dad for the Newton Hall of Fame (I need to update that website with dad's name), I called Amy to let her know and ostensibly pencil in the weekend of May 16th for coming to Ohio. It was another month or so until my superintendent informed me that not only was dad going to be inducted, he was the only inductee for the year. (They can induct up to 3 at one time each year.) I e-mailed Amy immediately and she began the process of getting herself & Rachel to Ohio for that weekend.

Later that evening, I told mom in secret about dad's induction. Then it was just a matter of finding a way to get Amy & Rachel here and not letting the cat out of the bag. So one Saturday morning I told mom & dad some good news. "Amy & Rachel are going to come in for Alumni this year!" Dad was shocked, mom pretended to be. "Why?" "Well," I explained with the excuse Amy & I had concocted, "It *is* the last Alumni in the old building. She wants to come & film in the old building with me giving a tour." (That bit was true - we'd talked about it way back at Thanksgiving, IIRC.) So dad was no long suspicious, which was good.

Mom had some frequent flier miles laying around which she gave to the girls, so they were able to fly in for that weekend. They arrived late Wednesday night before Alumni weekend. Despite Thursday still being a work day for me, I had to come along for the pick up and chatted with folks in mom & dad's kitchen until we all were too tired to continue. (It wasn't too long after arriving - we were that tired.)

Dad wasn't the only recipient of pre-planning for the weekend. Both Amy & Rachel have May birthdays, just 4 days apart from each other. And it happened to be Rachel's 30th the day before they flew out. So Amy wanted a bit of a birthday surprise for Rachel, which I helped with. Since Rachel grew up on home-cooking from scratch, it stands to reason that her favorite birthday meal is... Kraft dinner, boiled wieners, and canned green beans. Heh. So that was planned for Thursday lunch. I walked home for that and it was quite yummy. I returned to work in my car, so that I could drive home to get back in time to meet an appraiser (part of my mortgage refinancing process). Once the appraisal was done, I returned to the parentals and we all headed off for more birthday evening fun.

We started by picking up the birthday cake for Rachel. She's a wonderful scratch baker, but she does love store-bought cake. So I had ordered a cake from Kroger (grocery chain) which said "Happy 30th Rachel!" on it. I picked it up and hid it in the trunk (in case Rachel happened to look in there while we were shopping). Then the folks took us to the plot of land they are buying upon which their new house will be built. I took pictures of them by the "Sold" sign.

Next was shopping at Kohl's. Turns out I was the only one who bought anything. (Well, mom bought a shirt which she later took back because it didn't match the outfit she'd bought it for.) For supper, we went to Sakai, a Japanese bistro. We went to the hibachi side (mom's first time having hibachi). We started out with sushi - crab salad sushi & California roll (which in this area is crab/fake crab, avocado, cucumber). Then we were entertained by Daniel San, our chef for the evening. The food was yummy and Daniel did a nice job. (I think he was younger than Rachel!)

We finished the evening with me & Amy working on her presentation for Friday. (She agreed to teach my Advanced Problems in Science class on grant-writing.) Then mom & dad & Rachel came over for cake & home made ice cream. (Another previously agreed plan was for me to make peanut butter ice cream, Rachel's favorite.) We watched Gray's Anatomy and had cake & ice cream. It was a great ending to a lovely day.

Well, time for me to go to church. Dad is preaching (actually, lecturing is probably a better term) about Evidence at the UU church in New Madison. If I didn't dress up, I'd wear my "I [heart] Evidence" shirt. Heh.
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