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Regular College Classes? Done for now!

Phew! I finished my final essay for History and Philosophy of Science and turned it in. elsaf was nice enough to proof it (in its nearly-done state) and gave me many useful suggestions & corrections. Thanks again, hon!

I managed to complete both final papers on time, despite City of Heroes once again celebrating its anniversary by offering the game free for a week. Thankfully, I didn't discover this until around midnight on Friday. So I spent a bit of time Friday night (OK, by "bit of time" I really mean "I got onto a task force team and got to bed after 4:30am") playing and likewise on Saturday night (though not for nearly as late). I managed to curb the desire enough on Sunday to simply fiddle about with a couple of 'toons rather than rack up hours of play time.

Anyhoo, feels good to be done. I had a fun time (sometimes too much fun - read too much, didn't write enough) researching the history of the atom and showing how the scientific method also changed during the time. Hope the grade was sufficient to get me an A (or a B - anything less doesn't count). :-)
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