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Nearing the End

I intend to come up for air next Wednesday. But for now, thanks to procrastination and my weird problem with closure (in that I avoid it), I've got two final papers to write and turn in (one due Tomorrow, the other next Tuesday) and then I'm done with my last proper semester. Everything after this is just thesis.

So anyhoo, I'd better start my paper that's due tomorrow. (OK, so it's started, but so far it's nothing more than a few quotes and the beginning paragraph.) Who knows, maybe I'll even finish it tonight. Then I can let it sleep and look over it tomorrow to see if it's shit or not. Heh. (Thankfully, I've only missed 1 point in the course so far, so hopefully I can do well enough on this paper to get an A.)

My other final paper (min 15 pages, 10pt font, double spaced) is currently only an outline. I know what I'm doing this weekend!* :-)

*Yeah, yeah, procrastinating so that I wind up writing the bloody thing Monday night...
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