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When I decided that the main reason I like LiveJournal was in order to make and display Sylvester McCoy icons (hey, we all have to have a hobby), I realized that the Clean and Simple format for my LJ just wasn't going to cut it. I mean, my friends could see my icons in their friends view, but *I* couldn't see my icons in my view. So *sniff* I'm saying good bye to Clean and Simple and hello to Components.

I'm still playing around with the colors. I want PURPLE not maroon or pink or lavender. We're talking Willy Wonka's coat PURPLE. And whatever light colors I finally land on, they need to be compatible with the perfect PURPLE when I find it.

So, if you're reading this in your friends view (thanks!) mosey on over to trinalin's view in order to see the new layout. And let me know what you think. And I'll keep playing around with colors until I find the right combo.

In other geeky news, my newegg order is nearly completed. The camera and memory card have been packed and are awaiting shipment. Woohoo! I'm looking forward to this. As soon as I get it, expect photos of LEO. Kitty! (The only other entity to warrant an LJ icon from me - lucky guy!)
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