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Brown paper packages!

I love mail order. So today, one of my orders came in the mail. At first, I couldn't remember what it was (that's how bad I am at ordering stuff... I sometimes order so much I forget what I've ordered) but then I recalled my order. Ooooh! New audio book read by Sylv! Yay! So now I have Let's Do the Pharaoh to listen to. (No, it's not a dirty book, it's a kid's book!) Also in the order is the much postponed A Very Peculiar Practice, the very funny, often surreal series that Peter Davison was in with Graham Crowden and David Troughton. And I also got the Dalek boxed set - 2 audio versions of Doctor Who stories long since lost to us in video format and a radio documentary. So plenty of aural entertainment (and some visual) for trina! Let's hear it for Mail Order!
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