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I'm nearly caught up with grading again. Always amazing how it seems to run away from me. But I stayed at work until after 5 yesterday grading tests that were beginning to smell they were so old. And I got a few other things graded today which had been molding. The trick is to now stay on top of things. (I think I should stop assigning round things since it's harder to stay on top of round things than flat things...)

My latest DVD watching has been Into the Labyrinth. I loved this show as a kid and became a Ron Moody fan because of it. I always enjoyed the various "characters" he played in the series. It was a number of years later that I discovered that there was more than one season of the show. Thanks to the DVD set, I have begun watching season 2. Amazing to think that the visuals were even worse in season 2, but Ron still gets to dress in cool costumes, so I figure I'll enjoy season 2. Season 3 doesn't have him, but at least it still has Phil Church (one of the kids who help Moody's character - and the cute one that I had a crush on as a kid). Oh, and Pamela Salem (Belor) will also be there to chew the scenery, so I'll probably have fun with season 3.

One thing that I've decided is that it's fun to watch early 80s British children's television programming on a widescreen high def TV. Heh heh. (Almost seems a waste of all that high tech-ness, but I love the irony.)

I've been helping dad with some YouTube videos for Westar. So far I've edited two short excerpts and uploaded them, though I may have to work on the second one. The sound on it didn't come out too well. Feel free to check out the clips. The first is of Elaine Pagels talking about the origin of Satan and the second (with the crappy sound) is Karen Armstrong talking about "what is religion?"

My superintendent had seen a neat animated clock on one of the other schools' websites and asked if we'd be able to put a clock and/or weather thingy on our website. So I looked into finding standards compliant, handicapped accessible, ad-free (or non-obvious) solutions. And I think I got it. The clock is basically a live clock of your own PC rather than a world-time clock (those were all ad-laden that I could find). I found that Weather Underground had the least-obvious advertising weather stickie, so included that as well. (Their own page, like so many other weather pages, is chock-full o' ads. If only the National Weather Service had widgets like that - they're ad free.)

I've been busy and I hope to spend some quality time tomorrow working on college stuff. My task for tomorrow? Write about astrology and how it's not a science. Should be fun. As per the assignment, I'm going to suggest feng shui as another example of a pseudo-science. (I love the Penn & Teller: BS episode on Feng Shui and bottled water.)
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