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Even with the weather...

So, like, if you're sick you say "I'm feeling under the weather." But if you're getting better, are you "even with the weather"? And when you're well, are you "over the weather"? Curious trinas want to know.

At any rate, I feel like I'm getting even with the weather. Sunday night (after a fun time shopping at Crafts 2000 with my Aunt Becky and then supper at the Chinese Buffet) I suddenly got every cold symptom within a 15 minute period. Wound up going to bed on NyquilClone at 7:30pm. My day off on Monday was fairly wasted just battling the cold and avoiding real work. (I got a lot of videos watched which had been languishing*.)

Tuesday, I had a meeting at the Miami County ESC, so I had a sub already. After the meeting, I went to Meijer for more NyquilClone and then in bed by 7:30pm. One of the girls was impressed that I knew in advance that I was going to be sick (since I'd told 'em they'd have a sub Tuesday) - I hated to disappoint her by telling her I'd been to a meeting, but disappoint her I did. :-) Last night was another "bust" night of nothing useful accomplished. But I figured I could spent tonight grading tests and stuff - which I did.

Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday. If I have truly kicked this cold, I should have a more productive weekend than I wound up having last weekend.

*On Saturday, the parentals & I celebrated Valentine's Day by eating out for lunch (Applebee's) and then shopping at Best Buy and Kroger (the good one in Englewood). I bought a Philips DVP5990/37 DVD player which upconverts to 1080p (though my TV maxes at 1080i) and plays USB flash drives. I also bought an HDMI cable, which cost half the cost of the DVD player (and turned out to be too short - the DVD player is currently WAY back). No matter, I bought two 6-ft HDMI cables from for $.99 each - they'll probably arrive soon. Anyhoo, thanks to the USB port, I can now watch my downloaded videos from a USB drive rather than saving to CD or DVD. Sweet. And it works. AND it's easy to make region-free. The DVD player was $65 - and I've heard of it going for even cheaper in some places. 1080i is sweet. I love my TV even more than before (if you can believe that even possible).
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