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Triskaidekaphobia - NOT!

Never understood the fear of Friday the 13th. Monday the 13th, I can understand. But Friday the 13th comes on a Friday - and already you're in the good cuz it's nearly the weekend.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - hope everyone has a nice day, coupled or not. I gave mom a few carnations today (the FCCLA was selling them at the end of the day for $1 each, so I picked out three pretty white ones for mama.) I shall probably have chocolate at some point tomorrow. (I have chocolate pudding in the fridge - if I can find some Reddi Whip, I'm all on it... Maybe I'll finally watch King Lear, too.)

I'm currently writing this because I have an assignment due tonight and I haven't started it yet (as such - I've read some of the background info already). So let's hear it for procrastination!

It's nice cuz I have a 3-day weekend this weekend. And Tuesday I'm off to the Miami County ESC for all day meetings - I'll wear jeans. Hope the sub doesn't blow up my room! :-)

(*snerk* I guess the song that's currently playing is pertinent to tomorrow's holiday. Go get 'em, Julie!)

Oh, OK... I'll get to work. Sheesh, slave drivers...
Tags: procrastination
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