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Weekend Geeking - trinalin thinks things through
Weekend Geeking
College work is exhausting - just ask the two sleeping kitties on my lap. We did college stuff before supper, and they slept on my lap the whole time. Then after supper, they've been sleeping again while I worked on college stuff. Just takes it out of 'em, I tell ya.

Been doing heavy-duty geeking of late. I managed to clear out 50GB of crap from my main PC yesterday. I'm trying to get my photos more organized in preparation for the Plustek 7200 that dad & I are buying. I'm going to scan all my old slides into my PC and need to get things more organized before I double (or triple) the quantity of photos. I've installed Picasa (for now) to see if the tagging feature is what I'm needing to help with organization. Not sure if this is the program I'll want, though. I certainly don't want/need the online features. If I want to put photos online, I have Coppermine Galleries for that. I was disappointed to find that their "name tag" feature is only available with their online portion.

So, photo folks - what do you use for photo organization on your PCs? Is Picasa the one? Or is there something else out there? I do have Jasc's Media Center Plus available to me, which has "keywords" rather than "tags." (Well, it's pretty ancient as far as software goes, but it's already paid for as part of Paint Shop Pro 7.5.)

Another geeky thing I did was upgrade phpbb from 3.03 to 3.04. It's the software that my family cookbook uses. And I broke my cookbook. 3 times, in fact. I got better at uploading the backup with each upgrade attempt. But I finally got it upgraded properly. Heh.

With my 50GB extra free space on my PC, I did my third major geeky thing - I installed Virtual Box and Winders 7. I must say, I like Virtual Box a lot better than VMWare. And Winders 7 installed just fine (albeit SLOWLY) as a virtual machine. It's shiny like Vista. And the taskbar looks more like Linux than it has a right to. Heh. (Probably looks different with Aero fully implemented, but I haven't given it enough graphics power for Aero.) I hope Micro$oft doesn't bloat it up before release. It might be the OS to upgrade to (unless I finally discover that I can do everything I want with Linux). I might create another Virtual Box for an Ubuntu install, too. :-)

Current Mood: geeky geeky
Current Music: Ladysmith Black Mambazo / Baba Ubhale

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rembrandt13 From: rembrandt13 Date: February 8th, 2009 05:48 am (UTC) (Link)
You know, I just barely understood the last three paragraphs of this entry, so the idea of giving you any sort of techie-related input strikes me as ludicrous in the extreme.

However, for the record, I, uhm, have all my photos saved to a folder on my hard drive. I've uploaded some to Photobucket, but I am not particularly enthused with it, and was similarly unimpressed with my previous dealy-oh at Webshots, though with free accounts I know I'm in no position to be judgmental (not like that ever stops me, of course).

Awww, sleeping-keekat-luv!! Right now my BabyG is curled up at my feet as she so often is, and I'm always torn by this, because while I love having her nearby, I still don't want her to inhale any of Mommy's nasty clove cigarette smoke. What do you mean, I could quit? That's crazy talk! ;)
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