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Dallas, Texas, er... Dollars, Taxes

Whee! Wooster finally got their W2 to me (they always wait 'til the last minute) so I finished my federal taxes today. Thanks to the Hope Lifetime Learning college credit, I'm getting a substantial amount back from the feds. Yay! Best of all, using H&R Block's online basic filing and a 20% discount from one of my credit card companies, it only cost $11.12 to file my taxes. (I looked at doing their completely free filing, but I think you have to be using the old 1040EZ form - I itemize deductions and thus went basic.)

Once I finished the federal, I filed Ohio and my school district taxes. Those are completely free through Ohio's website. iFile is your friend! Getting a little back from them (heh, $7 from the school district).

Most of the refunds will go into savings, but I have been eying a few things I think I'll buy as soon as the refund arrives. I'll probably talk more about those later. One thing I'm 99% sure I'll be getting is an Acer Aspire One netbook w/ Linux and a 6-cell battery. I've toyed with the keyboard and know I like it a lot better than the Asus EeePC's keyboard. And I think it's about time I got a Linux box, even if it is a nonstandard version of Linux.

Oh, in case you were curious, the Lobster party was a success. A good time was had by all, I think. I know a good time was had by me. :-) I did the smart thing and got my lobster, ate it while it was still warm, and then went back and got the other foodstuff that people had brought (all of which was yummy, too). Mom baked her "Better than Sex" bars (well, we didn't name 'em that - I can't imagine anything that doesn't have chocolate in it can be better than sex...) We also brought some Wholly Guacamole (sold at Kroger in the salad section) which proved to be a hit with the guacamole fans.

In kitty news, on Sunday, Linus managed to zip out the front door when I was getting my shovel from the front porch in order to dig my way out the back. So I put my boots on and got him out of the mud (why did he run right to the mud?) and dragged his muddy little butt to the bathroom sink. I rinsed all 4 of his paws off and his tail, much to his dismay. Then I chased him around the house with a towel, trying to dry him off. Poor baby - but it was his own fault.

So now I'm sitting in my library with the kitties on my lap (my favorite part about college). Time to see what folks are saying in the discussion boards.
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