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You know, I still dunno what GIP stands for, if it stands for anything... To me, a gip is a gift... But here on LJ it's an icon (from what I can make out).

I came up with a caption tonight for an LJ icon but then needed to hunt around for the right Sylv picture to embody it. I think I got it. For those of you reading this from your friends list (wehey! friends!) you should be able to see it just fine. Those of you reading this straight from the journal (hi Amy!) won't see it. (Don't think I can get this particular LJ style to do that, which is my only real complaint with it.) So, for you folks, click here to see all of my current icons. The new one is at the bottom left. (And you will be able to see the icon I'll use in March.)

Still haven't made an animated icon. Need to make one of Sylv playing the spoons... That would be cool. :-)
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