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White stuff onna ground

Received the phone call about an hour ago - school is closed tomorrow (our last "calamity day" of the year - any more and we have to make them up in June). Ohio's getting a pretty decent snow storm right now. I've heard as little as 3" but as much as 10". It's nice to be all bundled & warm in my house. (Well, I'm not bundled at the moment, but I will be when I finish being on the PC and get to bed, heh.)

Today after work, I sent off my application for a grant for electronic balances for the school. Here's hoping we get the grant!

Earlier tonight I finished my first quarter grading (finished chemistry exams) and posted the info to our online gradebook. So I'm set there. (Grades are due Thursday, regardless of what the weather brings us, but as I'm done, that deadline means NOTHING to me. Bwa ha ha ha!)

Since I'm done with grades and the grant application, I'll work on college coursework tomorrow. And I think I'll read some. Should be a nice day. (Here's hoping the power stays on!)

In a lovely bit of irony, I've been watching Sahara with Michael Palin. It was a bit warmer there than it is here. :-)
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