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Howlin' At The Moon

Darn, it's a shame I'm not up to "C" in my music listening. I could use the Chenille Sisters "Howlin' At The Moon" playing right now. Yes, I'm watching the Lunar Eclipse from my seat in my den. Leo's watching too - but I think he's more interested in his reflection in the window and the Venetian blinds cord.

I still remember the solar eclipse that we watched while I was teaching at Eaton. I took my students outside and we made pinholes in 3x5" cards in order to view the eclipse. And the coolest thing was the leaves of the trees acting like little pinhole cameras. There were millions of little crescents on the sidewalk and grass. It was fascinating. Lunar eclipses are a bit safer to look at, I will admit. :-)

In other news, I'm finally giving up on Sharp Web Services. They've been my webhost for over a year, but their e-mail hosting has been the biggest problem. They continually play with their spam filters (or something) and all of my (and dad's) yahoogroups e-mails are bounced. And their tech support is nonexistant. It's a real shame as the company is based in Columbus - it's nice to support Ohio businesses (seeing as how I live in Ohio). But I'd prefer not to support second rate Ohio businesses.

So, I'm going to try InMotion Hosting now. I've even been called by one of their tech folks to say their going to start on my setup already. Cool! Hopefully the transfer will go smoothly. My folks and sister rely on the e-mail, and Robert Smith? hosts the Doctor Who Ratings Guide on Pagefillers. So it's not just me that's affected by this move. Here's hoping it's a smooth move!
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