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Odds & Evens

Firstly, thanks to elsaf and girlycomic I now know where the list of 200 books came from. The BBC had a survey asking for the best books and compiled it in The Big Read. So, now ya know! (And knowing is half the battle...)

Secondly, I did order the camera last night. I shall soon be the proud owner of an Olympus Camedia (yes, turns out it is a Camedia) D-560 and a 256MB xD video card. If any of you are at the Gallifrey One convention this February, you might well see me with it!

Thirdly, I have decided to let Student Painters paint my house this May. They'll paint the house and garage using Sherwin Williams 20-year warranty paints and stain the cement blocks too. Should run me just over $2000 (so half the cost of my new roof). Good thing I'm getting money back from the feds!

Fourthly, it's interesting to note that the most popular time to eat a banana (with the group who responded to my poll) is while there's still a bit of green on it. Glad to know that I'm in the majority for once. :-)

Fifthly, with this entry comes my first full month of posts to LJ. Woohoo! Well, now that I've done it successfully once, I don't have to TRY and do it again. So if it doesn't ever happen again, at least I did it once!

Sixthly, there is no sixthly! Hell, I don't even know if fifthly is a word. Filthy is, of course. But I don't think I was filthy in this LJ post.
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