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Icky Icy - trinalin thinks things through
Icky Icy
It didn't look like much, but today we had ice, icy fog, icy rain, and icy mist. And that gave us icy sidewalks and icy streets. And also gave us closed school. So I had the day off and used the time to put my Christmas tree up. Yay!

I kept thinking I'd go out when things cleared up more in order to get stuff so I could bring something to the teacher's Xmas luncheon tomorrow, but it never did look any better as the day wore on. So tomorrow, on my way in, I'll pick up something at the gas station (Doritos or something). It's not what I'd planned (home-made Chex Mix was what I'd planned) but at least I won't be freeloading (like usual).

Here it is, second calamity day of the year, and it's not even Winter. :-)

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rembrandt13 From: rembrandt13 Date: December 18th, 2008 02:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, so how do you make kitties + a Christmas tree work?

Because I haven't had a tree for the past eleven years, ever since I first got La Beez (along with Lemieuxmew and Thibault back then), and with them all in the full flush of kittenhood, I found that if I wanted to keep any ornaments intact, they probably shouldn't go on the tree...or leave the box, in actuality.

Plus given Sophie's tendency to chew on things, I'd worry that she'd decide the tree was good for teh noms (while I am asking for cat grass for Xmas, given both girls' complete indifference to catnip, I'm not sure if they'll just have the same reaction there as well).

You can't possibly be saying that Linus and Lucy actually behave around your tree, now, can you? ;)
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