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Winding down the semester

Ah, my brain is fried. I've been working on my research proposal for my research course and my brain is full. But I have turned in the rough draft (very rough) to be reviewed by two of my classmates and my professor. Then I'll work on updating it for turning in by December 12th. The rest of the stuff in the class I've gotten an A average on, so it's just this last paper for the grade. I'll also be evaluating two of my classmates' proposals/projects. Hopefully I can come up with some helpful suggestions for their papers.

Likewise, the course on Science, Technology and Human Values is winding down too. I've gotten an A average for all of the essays thus far (the last one was my third 95% - woot!) We've still not received the final participation grade (though I'd gotten 20/20 for the first half of the semester), so I don't know how I did there. Our final grade for the course will be a 5-10 page essay (the others were 1-2 page essays). I haven't even started that one. Or picked the topic. But that's what tomorrow is for. Heh. The final paper for this course is also due December 12th.

Just one more proper semester of university work, followed by a summer and fall semester working on my Masters Thesis (which I think I'd like to base upon my research proposal).

So, December 13th (which also happens to be my mom's birthday) will be a day of celebration. I might even resubscribe to WoW for a month then. Yay!
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