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It's lovely having a day set aside to be thankful. I try to be thankful every day, but for the days when I'm too busy or too frazzled or too sleepy or too sick, having a day like Thanksgiving helps to make up for those days.

Amy decided that she'd make a Thanksgiving Dinner for us this year once the folks and I invited ourselves around. (Well, we couldn't resist the reasonable flight prices to Minneapolis, so we asked if they'd be willing to host us - they were!) So last night, mom baked a pumpkin pie and an apple pie (I peeled the apples). I made my "famous" Thanksgiving cheeseball. Amy prepped things for today.

This morning, Amy roasted a Heritage chicken, roasted chopped root vegetables (potatoes (Yukon, purple & red), sweet potatoes, yams (we learned this year there *is* a difference between sweet potatoes & yams), carrots, beets, onion, garlic, etc), cranberry & mushroom dressing, kale, green beans, and gravy (with Hefeweizen beer). Rachel baked some lovely (and sweet) corn bread. And dad carved the chicken.

Things were ready at 2:30pm and we ate a wonderful meal. And then ate a bit more. We still haven't had dessert but will probably do that (and play games) after nap time. Which is what is going on now.

I'm grateful that my sister & Rachel have a lovely house which they can host us for dinner. I love that my family gets along very well and is fairly low key. I miss my kitties and hope they are having a nice Thanksgiving day. Hope you all (folks in friend's list land) are having a nice time and that you have a lovely weekend.
Tags: amy & rachel, dad, food, minneapolis, mom, thanksgiving
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