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Enablers suck...

So, like, I have a DVD buying problem. I buy too many DVDs. (Though I do love watching them and I don't watch much regular TV, so that's something at least.) But periodically DeepDiscount enables my DVD buying addiction. About twice a year or so they have a 20% off sale. And I buy far too much stuff.

Well, they've topped themselves this time. Their Winter Sale is 25% off! So I bought the boxed set I've been eying for awhile (The Michael Palin Collection - the only travelogue he's done that I own on DVD is Sahara, but I'd love to get 'em all. Now I will!) And I waited a little bit since Season 4 of Doctor Who came out today (pre-orders don't get sale prices) so I ordered it as well. Yay me! Boo DeepDiscount for enabling me!

BTW, the sale ends November 23rd, so get your orders in soon! They have several coupon codes you can use (but you only get the 25% off once, even if you try using a different code later) including the following: SALE, DEEP, PRICESEARCH. DeepDiscount often has the cheapest prices for DVDs (though I often start at DVDPriceSearch first). Oh, and they always have free shipping. Hope you find a DVD or seven that you want there!
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