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Thank you, Veterans!

Schools which remain open on Veteran's Day (like ours) must have an assembly to honor the day and our veterans. So today our Student Council and the junior high and high school bands put on a very nice assembly. Our superintendent invited veterans from the district to join us for the ceremony and we had a nice group of them to honor. The local VFW also sent along their color guard to bring the flag in. We also had a WWII veteran speak to us about some of his experiences fighting in Patton's Army. The entire student body (1st through 12th grade) was present and they were very respectful to the veterans present and to the ceremony overall.

I wish we never had to send people off to war. It would be nice if the only thing our armed forces had to do was help with relief and aid and helping little old ladies across the street. But young men and women everywhere are sent off to fight and kill and be killed. It's not something that I could ever do, so I am grateful for the people who have fought to keep us free and to free others. Perhaps one day we'll no longer need to send young folks off to war. That will be a wonderful time, indeed.
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