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I Voted!

Normally voting in my town is a quick thing - 5-10 min wait. Today, however, we had quite a few folks in voting at 7am. I got into the church at 7am and left at 7:48am. Classes start at 7:50am. Thankfully it was only a 3 minute walk from the church to the school and I got the kids into the classroom before the pledge of allegiance began. To get through faster, I went with a paper ballot and since I knew exactly who & what I was voting for, I was done quickly and able to get my pencil off to someone else. (They needed more pencils - hope they got some!)

Tomorrow will be interesting. I'm hoping that tomorrow my school will still be solvent, my president-elect will be black, and gay marriage in California will still be legal. *crosses fingers*
Tags: voting
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