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A Busy September 30th

Today, for the Shorts, was a busy day. I shall begin with the least exciting and move up.

  • I just got back from presenting the school website at our school board meeting. People there said I did a good job on the presentation - I haven't a clue, myself. :-) I've been working on the website, in earnest, for a year now. I've very proud of it - it's standards compliant and handicapped accessible. The new teacher web pages which we can do through FirstClass (our e-mail program) are also standards compliant, which thrills me. And the teachers are making really nice pages. (I showed mine (boring) and 3 other teacher's pages (not boring) to the board.)

  • Mom and Dad flew out to California today for a month in Santa Rosa. They volunteer for the Westar Institute from time to time - this time for a month. The fall meeting will be in a few week's time and mom & dad help out with the preparation there and in a few other areas. And they also get to enjoy the fabulous restaurants in the area. I think the only complaint they have is that the condo they stay in doesn't have a comfy chair. (We should dispatch the Spanish Inquisition, perhaps?)

  • And the most important thing to happen today to the Short family... My little sister bought a house! Yay! Today, she and Rachel closed on their house purchase. They now own a mortgage! And a house to go with it! I'm really excited for them. And I'll be flying out mid-October to help them with unpacking, cleaning the old joint, setting up electronics, and just about anything else they want me to do. Amy thinks there might even still be some autumn foliage for me to gawp at then. Yay!

Speaking of autumn, it appears to have arrived today. Yay! My two walnut trees in the back have some distinctly yellow leaves. We have a nice blustery wind bringing us some cooler weather, too. Autumn is my favorite season, so it's nice to see it start up in earnest.

Anyhoo, I'm sleepy and going to head off to read a bit before bed. Busy days make me tired. :-)
Tags: amy & rachel, dad, family, home ownership, mom
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