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A non-partisan message in support of religious tolerance

A meme I thoroughly support. (Ugh, there are times when I'm not proud to be an Ohioan. This is definitely one of those times.)

While it hasn't been reported widely in the national news, an act of domestic terrorism was committed in the United States on Friday. A "chemical irritant" was sprayed through the window of a mosque in Dayton, Ohio, into the area where children and infants were being taken care of while their parents prayed. The story is here.

Right now, there are no suspects, so it is impossible to know the motivation for this vile and cowardly act. However, it may be significant that an organization called the Clarion Fund distributed an anti-Muslim documentary throughout swing states in the past two weeks. Ohio was one of the states where the disc was inserted as an advertisement in many newspapers.

Many Americans who happen to be Muslims are feeling very much under attack at the moment. The near total silence of the national media on this incident is not helping. If you were an American Muslim, wouldn't you feel that this country doesn't care about terrorism if it is against your people?

If you support the right of everyone to peacefully worship as they believe, whether or not they believe as you do, please post this in your journal:

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Copy the code above and remove all the asterisks to link to the image.
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