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Happy Equinox!

Yay, it's autumn! My favorite season. And we've got lovely weather this week (albeit a smidge warm during the early evening). And some of the trees have started their color change.

I'm feeling pretty good of late. I seem to have a handle on my college courses. I'm enjoying my classes at school. I got to go to some science workshops on Saturday where I learned some stuff, thought of several lab ideas, and won a doorprize. Free science, free food, and free prizes - those make me happy. (OK, so the doorprize was something for an elementary science teacher, but it was still cool winning it.)

The kids had a day off today while we teachers had inservice. So I got to have Panera for lunch. Yum! I'm pretty warn out from the inservice (meetings always wear me out more than a full day of working - I have NEVER figured that out), so I think I'll head for bed early. And read. :-)

Ah, it's so lovely to sleep with open windows. And soon I'll need the comforter when I sleep with open windows. Yay! Let's hear it for autumn!
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