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I Don't Like Ike

Thankfully, I don't live in an area that hurricanes visit. However, Ike sent some of its wind our way yesterday which has, apparently, made quite a mess of the country roads and caused power outages in places. So at 5:40am or so, our superintendent called to say we were on a two hour delay while they waited for enough light to assess the transportation issue. Within the hour, we received our second call - school is closed due to impassible roads and students & staff without power. (Most of the schools in the area are as well.) I'm grateful that I didn't have any trees down and the power only fluctuated but never went off completely.

After the wind was done, we got a bit of rain too. But the rest of the day is supposed to be just cloudy. And the weather for the rest of the week looks perfect - sunny & in the lower 70s (°F). Mom and dad are heading to the Lake today - hopefully the nearly dead tree either survived the wind storm or fell towards the lake rather than on their cottage. They've promised to call if it's the latter so I can share the burden of the worry & frustration.

So, Trina, what are you going to do with your unexpected day off? Work on college stuff, actually. And clean my kitchen. So my goal is to be productive today. Wish me luck on that! :-)
Tags: snow day, weather
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