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Kitty Picspam

It's been awhile since I posted (wow, it's the 5th and this will be my first post of the month) and a further while since I posted some kitty pix. Turns out I've got some very talented kitties. Linus can now leap tall buildings in a single bound. Well, he can get onto the fridge - still not seen how. I figure from one counter or the other. And he jumps down to the floor from it. Knocking magnets off. And Lucy's my little laundry helper. She always loves laundry day and has taken to helping me fold clothes and stuff. Oh, and GIP! Ain't they cute? :-)

(Sorry the first two are a little out of focus. Was in a hurry to snap the pictures before he jumped off and my phone camera doesn't like me to hurry.)

Linus checks out the fridge & knocks off magnets.

But how did he get up there?

Lucy folding some cloths for me. Ain't she a sweetie?

Lucy takes a break and becomes one with the laundry.

Linus and Lucy also decided to be a couple of cat macro models. Ladies & Gentlemen, I present my first lolcats!

Linus loves people food - can you tell?

Lucy is not laundry!
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