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NBC is full of it...

Does NBC think we're stupid or something? The gymnastics event (uneven bars) with Nastia Liukin took place already in Beijing. However, while watching MSNBC's 5-7pm show on the Olympics, everyone was talking about the event as if it hadn't happened yet. (And yes, the MSNBC show was live.) What was really ridiculous was when they interviewed a lady over what she thought Nastia's chances were. Fer cryin' out loud! I had already looked on the website and knew the outcome (and won't tell y'all in case any of you are waiting to see what "happens.") I found the whole exercise insulting, actually.

(Despite this and some other irritations I've had over NBC's coverage, I'm loving the online content that they've provided. I've seen more table tennis & archery this year than I've ever gotten to see and that makes me very happy.)
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