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Still paused & refreshed...

Poor judiang is stuck in a plane on the tarmac in Dayton waiting for a big ass storm over Chicago to subside. She's been on the plane now for over 2 hours and is eating bags of pretzels to keep up her strength. Poor thing! I'm on call, ready to zip off to the airport and pick her up if the flight is canceled.

The contractor's end of things on my bathroom is done - yay! I've just been in cleaning things up. Tomorrow I am going to take a BATH in my new tub! Woohoo! Mom wants to take a photo - provided I have lots of bubbles. Um, yeah-no, as my friend Carolyn would say. Heh. I'll get photos up later once I get the in progress ones that dad took while I was hanging with Judi and elsaf at the Lake.

So, last time I reported on our Lake adventures, I said I'd talk about Saturday. Saturday was our Adventure Day. In order to take advantage of the cooler morning weather, we got up around 8am. Elsa made pancakes and sausage for us and I made coffee for Judi. We then took both cars over to the Lake Loramie State Park so we could ride around. We had a fun time riding around the park - even Judi, who says it's been 15 years since she last rode, rode like a pro (when she got her confidence back). It was a very pleasant morning ride and I think I need to get a rack for my car (I'd stuffed my car in the trunk with the back seats down) so I can take my bike there in the future.

We left my car in the parking lot and Elsa drove us to Pleasant Hill (my town) in order to see if Meddlin's Peddlin' Bike Shop had a better bike rack than the one she was using. (Her highway drive down with two bikes was rather disconcerting since the rack started listing to one side. She stopped several times on the way down readjusting them.) Jack Thomas is the owner of the bike shop - he's a retired biology teacher and former mayor of P Hill. He was his usual helpful self and first tried to see if he could get her current rack more stable. He'd not seen one like it and really wasn't able to help it out. But he had a 3-bike rack in stock that turned out to be VERY stable for the bikes. And since it holds 3 bikes, in future Elsa could take her two bikes and mine to wherever we're going to be riding. Yay!

We stopped at my house then so Elsa could see the bathroom in progress. Rych and his son were still working on things (they finished yesterday around 3:30, dad says). It was looking GREAT! I checked on the kitties who, as usual, were hiding under the bed. I apologized for not being there, but they didn't seem to care. Heh.

When we returned north, we went to the Haus der Eleganz for lunch. I had the chicken salad sandwich (on croissant) and onion rings. The sammich was lovely, but the onion rings were a little soggy - like they'd been microwaved or something. Oh, and I had a vanilla Italian ice. Yummy! The girls seemed to enjoy their lunches as well.

Before we returned to the cottage, we went to Wagners for some groceries for Elsa's evening masterpiece. Elsa pulled up to the cottage and Judi said "I'll go put the ice cream in the freezer while you two get Trina's car." Elsa and I just looked at each other like "Oh yeah! The car!" Neither one of us had remembered it was still at the park's parking lot. *snerk*

Judi cleaned the kitchen while we were getting my car, so shortly after our second return, Elsa started on her evening meal. Mmmm. If you've never had one of Elsa's meals, you're missing out. (Hmmm, I think only my sister and hergrace have experienced this in my flist.) I had, as usual, invited mom & dad around to enjoy it as well.

I spent some time reading (and occasionally dropping off) while Elsa slaved away in the kitchen. Judi eventually suggested going to Wagner's again so she could get AAA batteries for her mouse and Elsa suggested some green onions for her bourbon creamed corn. So we did that. Mom & dad arrived around 6 - about when I was starting the fire for grilling the meat and peaches.

So what had Elsa prepared for us? Bourbon creamed corn, as I mentioned. Twice baked potatoes (the best we'd ever had, agreed my folks). Grilled peaches. Peach brazed donkey dongs. (OK, so that's not what they were, but they sure looked like donkey dongs!!! I should know, I laid 'em onto the grill to cook 'em! And I wish I'd taken a photo so you could see that I'm telling the truth.) They were peach brazed pork tenderloin and were very tasty! I've become quite the grill master with Elsa as my guide.

For dessert, Elsa had also baked us blueberry pie. Oh my, was it simply brilliant. We all enjoyed the supper and we love that Elsa loves to cook. :-)

After the folks left, we tied Judi down and made her watch The Mikado. The only version I have on video is the Jonathan Miller one, which I enjoy (cuz I love Eric Idle) but which isn't a very traditional version. What Judi really needs to see is a very lavish live version. It turns out there were two songs she recognized: "Titwillow" and "Three Little Maids from School."

Sunday was a lazy day. Once again, Elsa made us breakfast - pancakes and sausage. But then she had to drive back home. *sniff* Judi and I pretty much spent the rest of the day sleeping and/or reading. I finished one book and made quite a bit of progress in another. The weather was perfect - I spent most of my time reading in the chaise lounge outside. The only time I had to get in my car was to take us to Wagners (heh) so we could get marinated chicken boobies to go with our leftovers for supper. (We'd grilled hot dogs and had leftover creamed corn for lunch). I picked out the rosemary garlic chicken and Judi picked out a Bordeaux marinated chicken. I grilled those and we heated up leftovers. Oh, but before supper we'd had the last of the blueberry pie with ice cream.

I had an 8am meeting this morning, so I decided I'd go home Sunday night. I made Judi a mudslide and me a sodie (cream soda float) out of the last of the ice cream. Then I drove home around 10:30pm. Judi and I played a little WoW together and then I slipped off to bed.

I woke up at 7:30am this morning, got ready, and rode my bike to the school for the meeting. It was our design team meeting for the new school building. We're working on color schemes, type of wood, carpet colors, locker colors, etc. And the plans for the school look really cool. Neat to see the layout of my classroom/lab in context with the rest of the building. The meeting ran long, so I left before we finished in order to get back to my guest.

I returned to the Lake around 11am and proceeded to fix a late breakfast of - you guessed it - pancakes and sausage. I used the last of the Aunt Jemima mix and the start of the Hungry Jack mix (which we picked up last night with our chicken boobies). So we had Hungry Jemima (or Aunt Jack) pancakes. And loads of sausage since Judi told me to grill it all.

Then we slept. I actually did a bit of laptop work first (reading dad's labs from his Advanced Problems in Science class which I'm restarting this year), but wound up on the sofa sleeping. But when I got up, it was time to start shutting the cottage up. Judi cleaned the dishes, I vacuumed and gathered up trash and laundry. We got on the road a bit later than I'd intended (too late to get ice cream before hand). We stopped at my house so Judi could see the bathroom now. (And also to dump off the trash.) Then I dropped her sorry little butt off at the airport. Where she's still, I'm imagining, waiting on the tarmac in the plane. I hope they get on their way ASAP!
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