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Ice Day! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Ice Day!
Not getting a lot of snow today (alas) but we got plenty of ice this morning. At 6am, I got a phone call saying we were on a 2 hour delay. Around 8am, I got the second one telling me school was canceled. Worked for me. I was already up by then, but I've been alternately goofing off and cleaning the house/doing laundry, so it's been a good day.

paygem had an interview meme in her LJ that intrigued me, so I asked her for some interview questions myself. Here are the details, her questions, and my answers.

THE RULES (so I'm told)
1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

paygem asks:

1. What is the most important scientific fact (in your opinion of course) and why?

The most important scientific fact is that scientists are human too. When scientists continually challenge each other and test other scientists' results, we end up learning more about the world. People make mistakes, even the most brilliant scientists do, and since science encourages skepticism (instead of fearing it), the mistakes are eventually discovered and refuted. Then progress can commence.

2. Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, and Mark Strickson... (pick a different one for each). One you get to go to dinner with at some famous restaurant. One you get to interview for an entertainment news program on national television. One you get to invite over for Scrabble. (and why, of course).

I'd go to dinner with Mark because he's got a million stories to tell about his producing animal documentaries, and he'd be fun to listen to. I'd interview McGann (though on national TV? eek!) so that I could be the envy of one Miss Judith A Grant, Esq. And I'd play Sylv at Scrabble because I'm sure I could beat him. ;-)

3. (stealing a question from the list I gave Tim) if you won a TARDIS for a day, how would you use and it and who would you take with, pick up, or go and visit?

I'd use it to go to the future just to see if we ever do get all the neat gizmos that I read about in science fiction and to see if we ever do get to explore other worlds and meet other alien species. To find the answers to things I'm never gonna find out in my lifetime. Would I take anyone with me? Since the TARDIS is infinite, I'd take as many friends and relatives as wanted to come. If I was limited to one person, I'd probably take Dad, who encouraged my love of sci fi and deserves to see the future as much as I do.

4. What is your favorite holiday of the year and why?

Christmas! Presents! (Well, and family and snow and friends and presents and the music and the kitschy TV movies and presents and stuff like that.)

5. If you could be a character out of any book, who would it be?

When I was a kid I wanted to be Willy Wonka (or Charlie Bucket). I think I'd still like to be Willy Wonka. :-) He's got the coolest place to live - and he's got Oompa Loompas!

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: "One More Chance (Seven-Inch Mix)" by Pet Shop Boys

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mojober From: mojober Date: January 27th, 2004 01:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
Speaking of Willy Wonka, did you hear Johnny Depp is signed on to play him? I'm sure he'll do great but Paul or Sylv would have been wonderful.

The Pet Shop Boys rule! :-)
trinalin From: trinalin Date: January 29th, 2004 05:26 pm (UTC) (Link)


Depp isn't the best choice for Wonka - but he's a hell of a lot better than the previous rumors (Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Jim Carey - gah!) I still think Sylv's best for the role - he's at least the right height! (And imagine him in a goatee!)
antikythera From: antikythera Date: January 27th, 2004 01:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Can I have the TARDIS for a day? Just one day. I'll bring it back in precisely twenty-four hours.

...Local time.
trinalin From: trinalin Date: January 29th, 2004 05:27 pm (UTC) (Link)


Sure, they always *say* they'll bring it back... I mean, the Doctor said he'd bring it back, but he never did...
flarnloop From: flarnloop Date: January 31st, 2004 09:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
*tip toes in* I must say I enjoyed reading these answers, especially enjoyed being reminded about the fallibility of scientists.. *wanders off pondering the TARDIS question*
trinalin From: trinalin Date: February 1st, 2004 05:33 am (UTC) (Link)



TARDISes are fun, but make sure to use caution when traveling in one...
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