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Finito - for now!

I have just turned in the 6th assignment for my online summer Masters course - Scientific Writing. Today is also, coincidentally (not!), the last day of the semester. So I'm done with college until August 25th when fall courses begin. Though I need to work on a thesis idea since one of my classes is the first of my thesis classes. I'd like to do something with children's science books, but I haven't gotten things sorted out in my head yet about it. Then I'll have to ask one of the three professors (one of whom I've not had yet) to be my thesis adviser.

In addition to thinking of theses, I need to be working on my new course for school - Advanced Problems in Science. This is a critical thinking-style class with influences from my Masters program and ideas from when dad created and taught the course. I also have two of my Vernier LabQuests at home that I want to play with and write labs for. So I have lots of intellectual things I want to do yet this summer.

Other summer goals include updating my Sylvester McCoy website to be a Coppermine Gallery. Plus getting old VHS clips into digital format. Plus updating my main website. Plus... well other things too.

So what am I going to do first? Probably resubscribe to World of Warcraft for a month. Heh. When the Olympics start, however, I need to be off the game so that I can fully enjoy the summer Olympics experience. :-)
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