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*sniff* My Chicago Trip is nearly at an end...

Before I get too far into my post, a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to drake57!

So, yesterday (well, I haven't been to bed yet, so I'm still thinking today is Sunday) after our nap and a bit of geeking we headed off toward Navy Pier. We popped into a couple of bookstores (Borders and a used bookstore) so that I could look for more Lois McMaster Bujold books - no go on the ones I'm looking for.

We arrived at the movie theater right when the 5:00 showing of Wall*E was beginning, but we wanted a bit of a rest from the walking we'd been doing. (No, we didn't walk all the way from judiang's place - just from the Borders.) So we had drinks and some spinach & artichoke dip at the lounge were the bowling alley is. (This bowling alley's in the same building as the theater - and the lanes are on the second floor. Seems such an odd place to put a bowling alley.) Dad called while we were lounging, so I talked a bit with him and mom. (They're in Minnesota visiting Amy & Rachel. Like me, they go home tomorrow - Monday.)

A few minutes before the movie, we finally made our way to the theater to discover lots of people were going to see it too. We wound up in the center of the very front row. And it was actually a great place to watch the movie. We both loved it and the cartoon before it. And we saw several trailers that we enjoyed. Though I think I'll be giving Beverly Hills Chihuahua and The Pink Panther 2 a miss.

After the movie, we continued our walk to Navy Pier. We first put our names in at Bubba Gump's, but it was an hour waiting. So we walked on down the pier and decided to try the barbecue place, Joe's Be-bop Cafe. They had a 5 minute wait, so Judi left to cancel our name at Bubba's and we were seated at Be-Bop's. We decided to take our time eating in order to sit most of the night before the fireworks, then get up to watch 'em. We timed it perfectly (with some thanks to the waiter who took forever to get our desserts to us).

So, for starters we got popcorn shrimp (since we missed out on the bucket o' shrimp thingy from Bubba's). Tasty, tasty! Then Judi got the rib tips and I got the half yardbird (bbq chicken). Although their barbecue sauce was better than Robinson's (which I sampled at Taste), it still wasn't to my liking. Still, the rub & sauce on the bird (what little there was) was excellent. I liked their jalapeño corn bread, their spicy baked beans, and the baked tater too. I also had an amaretto sour there. Judi and I both agreed that it was better than the one I'd had at the bowling alley lounge. Dessert was "sumpin' chocolate" which was basically chocolate overload cake with chocolate ice cream and hot fudge. Wow. I wasn't able to finish the thang.

We paid for the meal and then Judi led the way to a good spot for fireworks watching. Although it was only a 10 minute show, it was really cool to watch. They even had smiley face fireworks! I hadn't seen those in years! (First time I ever saw them was at St Paul, MN during Taste of Minnesota.) We all ooohed & ahhhhed as we watched.

My phone tries to take a video of the fireworks... Not bad, phone!

After a return to Be-bops where I looked for a souvenir for Taylor (my cousin who's looking in on my kitties while I'm away), we headed off for the 29 bus to take us back to Judi's place. We managed to get on the third bus and even got to sit for the entire journey. Then we watched the series finale of Doctor Who. Judi's already posted her WTF. I rather enjoyed it myself. (Hmmm, reminds me of last year's finale.)

We both slept in today and were ready by 10:30 to head for Chinatown. Yes, it was our traditional jaunt for a dim sum brunch. We went to new Three Happiness (as always) and had a nice assortment of dim sum. We even had leftovers (see, we needed that third person, elsaf!) We also went to a store in Chinatown so that I could get Taylor's souvenir. (I didn't care for the Be-bop choices the night before.)

After we returned home, it was swim time! I took my final swim in Judi's pool, and as always, it was refreshing. And I had finally talked Judi into taking me to the Field Museum (though I had resolved to go on my own if she didn't really want to come - it's across the street fer gosh sakes!) I printed off $5 off coupons so we'd save some money going to the Mythical Creatures Exhibit. But it turns out I didn't need it cuz the lady at the front desk let me in free (paying only $8 for the exhibit) since I'm a school teacher. Judi got a discount as a Chicago native, but she had to pay $15. Heh.

Since there were only 2 more hours before they closed, we went right to the Mythical Creatures Exhibit. capriuni, we both thought of how much you'd enjoy that exhibit. :-) It was cool - some neat art, cool statues, a Chinese dragon as used in New Years parades, etc. No photos allowed, alas. Then we went to the George Washington Carver exhibit where we were both inspired by Carver and all that he did. I learned a lot from the exhibit - he was green long before it was the buzzword of the decade.

Leaving the Carver exhibit put us right in with the prehistoric beasties. Yay! I was able to take photos there of various skeletons. I've always been fascinated by mammoths and saber tooths and other such critters (why else would I waste my money on 10,000 BC?) We finished off the visit with some overhead shots of Sue, the T-Rex which I remember from when I was a kid and visiting the museum. (She's shrunk since then, I swear!)

After we left the museum, we walked over to the ugly Torso & Legs Sculpture at the tip of Grant Park near Judi's apartment. I took photos. (I'm really pleased with my phone's performance as a camera this trip. Not too shabby at all!) The sculpture(s) is called Agora. There are 106 cast iron figures. And they're ugly and creepy and rusting all over the concrete.

I made Judi come with me for ice cream at Marble Slab (me thinks she doth not protest enough) and we both got cones. I had white birthday cake ice cream and double chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone. Yummy! We returned so that Judi could walk the pooch and we could veg a bit. Then we headed off to Gioco (a nearby Italian restaurant) for supper.

For starters, we had fried calamari. Yum! Then I had the pear and pancetta salad plus a side of polenta. Mmmm, best polenta ever - it was seasoned with mascarpone cheese and butter. It looked like a big pile of scrambled eggs, but tasted far better. Thanks to all of the bread and olive oil I'd already scarfed, I could only eat half. Judi happily ate the other half. Heh. Oh, and I had an amaretto sour there as well.

We waddled back and popped up to the penthouse to look over Judi's fair city. Such a lovely view. Then we returned to make strawberry shortcake and watch the Confidential for the last ep of Doctor Who. We then watched Housewife, 49 while we ate our shortcake. It was a nice little movie. (I knew I'd like it - it had Stephanie Cole in it, after all.) I've pretty much been writing this post ever since. And I should head for bed. Tomorrow, *sniff* I leave. This trip has not gone completely as we'd originally envisioned, but I do think that Judi and Elsa and I had many pleasant times during it. Here's to the next time when we three shall meet again. :-)
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