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Interesting Times

OK, so yesterday didn't go completely as planned. But I think we managed to make a good day out of what started out as a crappy day.

Poor elsaf had fallen on Saturday and has been nursing two rather large bruises while on vacation here. They ached when she moved, but she was able to function, able to walk to Taste of Chicago, able to cook us a magnificent meal. However, late Wednesday (1:30am Thursday in all actuality) she complained about some muscle cramping around where her chest bruise was. We're talking honking great pain muscle cramping. We were hoping it would go away after awhile, but it never did. So around 2:30am, judiang called 911 and had an ambulance come. (Indeed both an ambulance and a fire truck came.)

Judi left with Elsa and the ambulance and I stayed with Lance. I couldn't sleep at this point, so I watched FoodTV until it switched over to infomercials. Then I played Bejeweled 2 on my cell phone. Judi kept me up to speed with various text messages. EKG fine; x-rays fine; other than the bruise, Elsa's healthy; etc. Then Judi called to tell me pack a bag for Elsa. Oh, and I'd be driving us back to the hospital in Elsa's car. I asked her about getting Elsa's car keys (people who don't drive don't often think about necessities like car keys, heh) so Judi returned to Elsa's room to get 'em.

Eventually, Judi showed up. I had my purse and Elsa's bag and yet... Elsa was right behind Judi. The threat of either Judi or I driving her car encouraged Elsa to check herself out. Heh. They had her on a heavy dose of Vicodin, so she was feeling little pain. Judi still had to finish her cases, which she did and then headed off to work. It was around 5am by this time. I finally fell asleep, but I had my cell phone set to wake me at 8am. Someone had to pick up Elsa's prescription in the morning, and I figured Judi would be too sleepy to do it.

Turns out I was right. When 8am came around, I popped into Judi's room to encounter Dead Asleep Judi. Don't think you can wake her... :-) So I showered and stuff and returned to Dead Asleep Judi and managed to get her awake enough to find out (a) where the nearest drug store was and (b) which of Judi's keys was to her front door. Then I headed off to Walgreens. And I was a block away when I realized that, although I had Elsa's driver's license, money, and HMO card (she gave 'em to me - I didn't take 'em!) I didn't have her prescription - whoops! I returned to the apartment, picked up the prescription, then headed back out.

The pharmacist was a nice fellow. He wanted to make sure that Elsa was able to take Vicodin since it's a codeine derivative and she's allergic to codeine. So I called Judi's cell phone - no response. Then her home phone - no response. Home phone again, then Elsa answered. Awwwwwww. I felt bad for getting Elsa up, but she assured me that she'll be able to take the Vicodin - she'd had it the night before without any allergic reactions. The pharmacist needed to find out of the HMO would co-pay the prescription, so I walked across the street to Jewel and bought some donuts. Then I returned to get the prescription, popped into Starbucks for a hazelnut soy latte for Judi, hot tea for Elsa, and a vanilla steamer for me.

Elsa was sitting at the table when I got back and Judi was still asleep. When she woke up (around noon) it was my turn to sleep. I slept for a couple of hours, then Judi and I went off to the grocery in order to get supplies for our surprise supper for Elsa. On our way back to the apartment, we picked up sandwiches at Jimmy Johns for a late lunch.

We spent a relaxing afternoon goofing off. Then Judi and I picked up a few rental movies from the kiosk in her apartment complex's market. (National Treasure 2, The Bucket List, and No Country for Old Men.) We also headed off to Target and then her new Best Buy store (on the other side of the Long Ass Bridge) looking for a Logitech Harmony Remote. Although she was sorely temped by the $420 model, I talked her into the $99 one (which is sufficient for nearly anyone's needs).

Judi and I made supper - Judi made fried catfish from scratch, I made everything else. Heh. (Well, everything I made was pretty easy - either nuking or a short cooking time.) So, for supper, we started with a nice salad with bleu cheese and raspberry vinaigrette, an appetizer of baked crab cakes, fried catfish, Bob Evans mashed taters, green beans, and strawberry shortcake with Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream. I think we did a very nice job - we're no Elsa, but we dun good.

At 9pm, we turned on WGN to watch the Grant Park fireworks. Despite the cinematography sucking a few times, the fireworks were very cool. And if we looked behind us, we could see them reflected in the building behind us. Also, the booms we heard were from the live fireworks rather than from the telly. Heh.

We finished out the day with National Treasure 2. It was silly and fun. I was entertained. :-)

We all slept pretty well last night. This morning, after Judi got up, I made French toast for breakfast. Elsa and I are now watching The Bucket List. Not sure what Judi's doing. Later, Judi and I may go to Taste to get us eats and some stuff for Elsa as well. Regardless of what we do, I know we'll have a good time, despite any other Interesting things happening. :-)
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