Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Chicago 2008

It's not yet 8am CDT and elsaf and I are already up. judiang's still a snoozin'. Guess it's early for her. (Us Eastern time people, however, know it's a decent "get up" time.)

Elsa and I have, once again, invaded Judi's place in order to celebrate the Fourth of July properly - with Taste of Chicago and Grant Park fireworks. So yesterday, Elsa drove over from Michigan and I flew in from Ohio. Elsa arrived first (shortly before I boarded my plane), so she & Judi picked me up at the airport. After we left the parking garage, both of our GPS systems (both using Garmin software) told Elsa to go back into another parking garage in order to leave the airport! First Garmin has a deal with the Holland Tunnel, now it has a deal with O'Hare parking? Thankfully, the fellow at the gate believed us when we told him our GPS led us astray. No $2 for you, Garmin!

Once we left that second garage, Garmin behaved herself and got us to Judi's place with little fuss. (Though Judi had a few suggestions for an easier trek to her place.) Once we got to Judi's place, I dumped my bags and, although it wasn't yet 5pm, we walked over to Judi's favorite Thai place (in reality, a place with lots of types of Asian food) for supper. Turns out I was the only one who'd had lunch that day. (Quiznos at the Columbus airport.)

The place, Ma & I, was a very short walk from Judi's apartment. And it's across the street from the Marble Slab Creamery. In the warmer months (like now) they can open up the side wall to the street. So it's like eating in an outside cafe, but you're inside. :-) Judi and I both ordered pad thai (mine with shrimp, hers with chicken) and Elsa had lad nar. We also ordered some sushi - I got the ebi-Q maki (shrimp roll with cucumber salad, apparently) and the girls ordered sake maki (salmon roll). A very tasty supper all around.

When asked if we wanted dessert, Elsa deferred to Judi while I was trying not to be too obvious with my hand motions pointing to Marble Slab. But Judi had also come to that conclusion - we'd forgo dessert at Ma & I and head across the street for ice cream. Yum!

Marble Slab Creamery is like Cold Stone Creamery in our area. They'll happily moosh up your ice cream choices with various nut and/or candy thingies. Or you can do as I do and go moosh-free with multiple flavors. They had coconut ice cream! Yay! I'd not had coconut ice cream since I was in Italy. So I got that and a double chocolate ice cream in a cup. Very tasty!

We walked back to Judi's place while munching away at our ice cream delights. Then we vegged out for awhile, trying to get our various internet appliances onto Judi's wireless router. (We had a password issue, which I managed to resolve - by typing a new password into her router.) Once we were well rested, however, it was time for the POOL!

We donned bathing suits and towels and things and headed to Judi's private pool. Well, it's not a private pool, but there's rarely ever anyone in it when we're there. And we were the only ones there most of the hour we were swimming (well, swimming's too strong a word - playing in the water's better). The water was very cold, but we all eventually got down to our necks. Some of us quicker than others. (Judi's of the opinion that I should be a polar bear. Heh. I don't think so!)

As it started to get dark outside, we finally braved the winds and got out of the pool. The towel felt so nice and warm when we got out. :-) We returned to Judi's apartment and played with Judi's crappy internet connection, watched BBC America and Food TV, and eventually went to bed. Today, Judi's internet connection seems to be doing better that it was last night.

Well, Elsa's just about done in the bathroom, so I guess I should get ready for the day. I believe the plan is going to the Taste for lunch (hopefully before it rains) and then having Elsa cook us a glorious supper. More details later. :-)
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