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Summer Festivals are Go! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Summer Festivals are Go!
Well, B-WISER is done and I think everyone had a great time. I know that I did. I love B-WISER week because at the end of it my jaws are sore from all of the laughing. We teachers know how to have a great time.

Saturday, I headed off to Mom & Dad's place at the Lake to give dad the rest of his birthday present (he received the main part - an 8" Calphalon chef's knife the Saturday before his birthday). At the Toyrifix toy store near Wooster, I got us both metal spud guns. (I'd seen the plastic ones before, but this is the first time they'd had the olde fashioned metal ones.) He was pleased. :-)

It was threatening rain that day, but we decided to go to the Country Festival in Maria Stein for lunch. It worked out quite nicely for us at first. It started raining a little as we made our way from the car to the first tent, but once we got into the dry, the rain ceased. It actually was nice festival weather - only little rain spurts and pleasant temperatures.

I started off with a caramel apple. Mom let me have a bite of her corn dog, too. I opted for a brat with kraut (and mustard and onion) and a few sips of dad's cola. Then I got us some fries from another booth and managed to dump half a bottle of vinegar on it - whoops! Once I poured the extra vinegar off, the fries were pretty tasty. We decided to check out the craft booths before deciding on dessert.

I was dismayed to see the number of charlatans hocking magnets, hematite, and aromatherapy shit. But the magnet and hematite people gave me information fliers which I intend to debunk in my new science course this year. Yay! There were neat things to look at (and some dips and sauces to taste), but we all refrained from buying anything.

For dessert we went to a trailer selling funnel cakes, elephant ears, sugar waffles, and deep fried Oreos. Dad bought us a funnel cake and an order of deep fried Oreos (our first time for them). It was then that things got interesting weather-wise. From our side of the trailer we saw the rain come closer. The lady on the other side of the trailer zipped over to our side - she was wet before the rain got to our side. We managed to stay in the lee of the overhang from the trailer and didn't get wet. One of the ladies working in the booth had to zip out to get the bubble gum dispenser and remove the hanging signs. She was nearly soaked when she got back in.

When we got our fried stuff, it was still raining hard, so we munched a bit while standing at the trailer (still nearly all dry) and chatted with the ladies working the booth. The funnel cake was the best we'd ever had (I suspect it's because she got distracted by the oncoming storm and it fried longer than it should - heh). It was very crunchy and still chewy inside. The fried Oreos were not what I was expecting. They were soft, for one thing. And they were VERY tasty. Guess I'll have to tried a fried Mars bar someday. ;-)

The rain slowed enough to let us race to the car. We were quite surprised by how little rain had gotten on us. That trailer was just in the right place to shade us from the storm. We returned to the Lake where the rain eventually stopped and the sun came out to give us a very beautiful day at the Lake.

Supper was steak for me & mom, and sausage for dad. Plus green beans and potatoes. It was quite yummy. I took my requisite nap on the sofa as well. Then it was time to head home. After all, I had a date to watch episode 12 of Doctor Who with the girls. :-)

Tomorrow I fly off to Chicago to stay at judiang's place. elsaf is also coming, so I know the three of us will have a blast.

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rembrandt13 From: rembrandt13 Date: June 30th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Dammit, chica, now I am hella hungry after reading this!

Though it's nice to see that my fellow Anglophile's illness extends to vinegar on chips, which I prefer as well (on the rare occasions I let myself have fries--owing to my massive Food Issues [thanks, Mom!] that's not very often, but I do have a bottle of London Pub® Malt Vinegar in my fridge for that very purpose).

BTW, the random Sylv pic this time was the one of Aunt Grizelda, which made me literally spit-take water onto the compie screen, entirely cos I just referenced my vastly different reaction to the Seventh vs. Tenth Doctors in drag in a comment at my LJ after Deb's trannie-Dave picspam.

IMO, His Divine Smexayness is simply waaaaay too masculine to ever carry that off; I don't think he could have done so even in the prehistoric Vision On era--though of course I'm keen to be proven wrong here should such photographic documentation exist! ;)
trinalin From: trinalin Date: June 30th, 2008 08:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
Heh - my three favorite actors have all been in drag before: Sylv, Eric Idle, and (believe it or not) Peter Falk. I like a man in drag. :-)
rembrandt13 From: rembrandt13 Date: June 30th, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
ROTFLMAO at your sublime use of iconography!! :D

I've gotta think back as to which feminine incarnation of Eric Idle I liked the best (all I can think of right now is how in the "Astrology" sketch he forgot to use his 'girl voice' midway through, only resuming it right at the end, which I've always found hilarious in and of itself, never mind the actual dialogue), but yeah, considering the size of the crush I had on him as a young 'un, it's really no wonder I have such non-cerebral/insanely-hormonal reactions to Messrs. Tennant and Foley, et.al. ::points to icon::

BTW, you have read The Greedy Bastard Diary, yes? It's one of those books I got through the library but since have found myself internally referencing so often that I've gotta get my own damn copy at some point.

And ohmigod, but you've gotta show me what Peter Falk looked like in drag! And I think I've neglected to mention before that when I was watching the A&E Biography of him ages ago--especially the footage of his early roles--I found myself thinking, "Hmmmm...ya know..." ;)

And as far as da Sylvitude, my reaction is essentially the same, whether in drag, in leather, all-too-horrifically-briefly on the ER gurney in Enemy Within: Walt's now-immortal, "C'mere you!" *Against wall*
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