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Snow day! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Snow day!
Last night, as I was headed for bed, I decided to check out the current school cancellations on channel 2. I managed to get there at the start of the alphabet, so I saw Covington (the school to the direct north of us) early on, and a bit later Milton Union (the school just south of us). Sure enough, when the N's showed, Newton was there. So I headed back online to chat with the girls. And minutes after that, I got the phone call letting me know that school was canceled. How nice. :-)

Actually, in just looking outside but not actually going outside (yet), it looks like we may have missed out on the freezing rain. That would be nice if that were the case. Either mom or dad (I'm thinking dad, myself) had to shovel a little to help mom get her car out of my garage. (Their garage door is broken again, so mom uses my garage when she needs to go to work in the morning that bad weather's been promised.) Once I get a move on, I'll shovel my walk (and maybe dad's, if his isn't done yet).

Since I've got some time, I'll answer two more questions which have been asked of me. You can still ask me a question, any question. Just click here. So far, none have been of the variety that I'd prefer not to answer (except Judi's, but I handled that one pretty well).

kalibex: There are many things, actually. For one thing, I can speak English and he can't. The whole opposable thumb thing seems to allude him, but I've mastered it since I before my first birthday. I can turn the bathroom faucet on and off - he can only turn it off (but he rarely tries). Ditto the bathroom lights. He betters me in few areas - the whole hiding under the bed and running quickly from room to room, plus the fact that he can jump more than twice his height would seem to be it.

drake57: Well, I went to google and here was the first entry: http://www.io.com/~arcangel/. So I guess she would be it!

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Current Music: "The King's Demons" by Doctor Who

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timjr From: timjr Date: January 26th, 2004 09:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
Snow days...

I don't get snow days anymore.

Cause I'm in college.

trinalin From: trinalin Date: January 27th, 2004 06:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I actually remember snow storms so bad that even some of the local universities either opened late or closed all together. (Never while I was there - but since I was a resident anyhoo, I could have gone nonetheless.)

As for snow days - I'm having my second one today - woohoo! (Actually, today is more of an Ice Day than anything.)
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