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"Why would an Eskimo need an air conditioner?" "SUMMAH!"

For those of you lucky enough to never see a Rex commercial, the title of this post will make no sense. Heh.

Anyhoo, today was my second day of Summer Vacation. Yay! It's nice not having to work. Of course, today I was at the school, but that was mostly for a Design Team meeting about the new school (and the architects provided lunch for us - woohoo). Yesterday, however, I spent a nice day hanging out with Linus. He basically sat down beside me or on me no matter where I was in the house. I even got my first assignment done for my summer course.

Now that summer is here and I can breath again, I've been working on B-WISER preparations. I found 1GB USB drives for $5.99 a piece and bought the store out (45 bought - and I'll need to get a few more because we're up to 49 girls now as of my last correspondence with the camp coordinator). The drives arrived today and they're just what we need for the computer class. And they're very cute. (Oh, and I'd tell you where I bought the USB drives from, but I'll wait until I get the others ordered - don't want you folks buying out my second choice, also $5.99 a piece!)

One thing that I worked on yesterday and today was an image gallery for my website. OK, so it uses up my last database on my webhost, but it'll be very helpful for getting B-WISER photos out to the girls. (I used to just bung 'em into folders on my website - this way the girls can actually SEE what's there.) I'm using Coppermine Photo Gallery (one of the photo galleries that Fantastico can automatically install) and I like it. Especially now that I have it working. Heh.

I already had 2005, 2006 and 2007 photos from B-WISER on a folder on my webhost, so I wanted to use the Batch Add Files option that the program provides. Only every time I tried to use it, I'd get a couple of different warnings. One was a permissions warning, the other a warning from either ImageMagick or GD version 2.x (the programs used by Coppermine to make thumbnails etc). I posted a question about stuff to the InMotionHosting support forum, and one of the techs asked me to PM her with more details. However, before she got back to me, I slogged through things today and found out the problem. Coppermine *said* that either permission levels 777 or 755 would suffice (which all of the folders were). But the program worked only when I set all of the folders to the more permissive 777 setting.

So now I'm fixing and tweaking and making the place look more inviting. I don't, for the moment, want to have user accounts for the site, so I've disabled that, I think. I'm playing with the morpheusXgreen theme, though if I later find it's not standards compliant, I may switch to one of the default themes. (One of my summer goals is to update my website and go to XHTML 1.0 transitional and be as standards compliant as I can.) Check out the B-WISER photo gallery thus far.
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