Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

The First Lazing at the Lake for 2008

Ah, the sun is getting lower in the sky, the song birds are saying "night night!' to each other, the geese are going "honk honk" as they pass each other on the Lake. Yup, it's Memorial Day weekend at the Lake, 2008.

judiang's sleeping in the 3-season room. I'm sitting out by the fire (a very nice one I must say) typing on this. And poor elsaf is driving here from Detroit. She just can't seem to buy a break today. Her intent was to arrive around 4pm. But we've received 2 e-mails and a text message, each stating yet another delay. Poor dear. She last figured 9:30pm. Hopefully that time will stand.

Judi arrived at the airport around 10:30 this morning and my folks picked her up. Since we're into the last 10 days of school, by contract I wasn't able to take a personal day even though, with the seniors gone, I don't have students in the afternoon. Not a problem, since the folks were willing to help out, things went just fine.

They dropped Judi off at the school around 11 and I immediately showed off my Airliner tablet and the SmartBoard software. She was truly impressed and got a few lessons on optics. (She now knows the difference between diffraction and refraction.) I also showed her the current design plans for the new school building and my own plans for my chemistry classroom/lab. Then I drug her around the school so she could see some of the folks she went to Italy with. We couldn't find Marcia, but she saw Jacki, John, Tammy, and Marcia's hubby Gary (who gave her a big hug). We had a turkey sub from Indian's Pizza (Jeff's wife delivers to us every other Friday), some Munchies, apple slices and Pepsi. Tasty tasty. Then I drove Judi to my home, fixed her dessert (Betty Crocker's new 150 calorie microwave brownies - very very yummy! Especially with whipped cream.)

I returned to work after I got Judi all nicely tucked up on the sofa. My brain was pretty much fried by then, so I helped out in the office moving boxes and stuff so they wouldn't be in the hallway during graduation. It wasn't until 2:30 that MJ remembered there was a calligraphy job she needed doing for the valedictorians. No matter, I grabbed my calligraphy kit and was done with the certificates in time to leave around 3. (We have 6 valedictorians this year. Out of a class of around 45-50. Before people shout "grade inflation" I'll tell you this: 19 of the students are receiving various scholarships from universities - the total amount offered to those 19 kids is nearly $840,000. Eight hundred and friggin' forty bucks! Sheesh, I wanted to get $160,000 to give 'em just to round it up to an even million.)

When I got home, I read the two e-mails from Elsa describing her late start and late arrival. So I didn't rush us out the door as I had originally intended. Still, we got to the lake by 5pm, where upon I got the fresh fruit cleaned up (strawberries, peaches, blueberries) and made us amaretto sours.

Around 6pm, I started prepping for supper. I was going to surprise the girls with marinated shrimp on the grill. Well, Judi was surprised. Elsa will have to wait til she gets here to be surprised. And there's shrimp left over which I can grill tomorrow for Elsa. I also had veggies to grill and some focaccia bread for the side. The veggies I bought were yellow squash, vidalia onion, red pepper, turnips (well, why not?), button 'shrooms and shitake 'shrooms (another new grillee for me), and marinated artichoke hearts. I skewered the shrimp & artichoke hearts and grilled the veggies in our vegging grilling bowl. The turnips and shitake mushrooms were a good idea. I'll be grilling them again! I had also bought pineapple for grilling, but forgot to prep it, so we'll have it later this weekend.

The shrimp and veggies were very tasty and I'll have to make that shrimp marinade again. (It was garlic, rosemary, salt, and olive oil.) Indeed, I think I'll probably use that marinade on other things.

So after I cleaned up the kitchen, I decided to get the fire going again and go sit outside. And that's what I'm doing. Yay for my folks' cottage at the Lake!
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