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Phew! Done with That!

Well, about 15 minutes ago, I turned in my first statistical research paper, which also happened to be my first APA-style paper. I had turned in a very rough draft on the 18th (with minutes to spare before midnight) but, alas, never received any feedback from it. Still, I worked on the paper since then, especially yesterday, and it was taking good shape. However, when I was walking home today, I was feeling rather low about research papers in general, wondering even if I'd be able to tackle my eventual thesis paper.

My work on the thing after work today managed to swing that feeling around. At 8:30pm I was done with the paper, so I printed it off (cuz it looked so nice!) and took it around to the folks' who agreed that it looked nice. And surely looking nice is half the battle! Dad didn't see anything truly glaring in my conclusions, so that's something too. After they oggled the paper, I returned home, saved the file in Word format (I use StarOffice at home) and turned it in. Yay! I feel elated and have begun to work on the other class's final project - a curriculum for a science and the public course. That's due on Friday.

Wow - hard to believe that after this week, I'll be 12 semester hours into my Masters program! I have a summer class starting May 19th (and ending July 12th) on scientific writing. That should be good practice for my science blog (tls_scienceblog) among other things. And this weekend, I start up my 30-day retail version of World of Warcraft. Yay!
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