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Anniversary Celebration

Today was mom & dad's 40th Anniversary! I wasn't around 40 years ago when they got married, but I was around today, so I took them out for a nice dinner at the restaurant of their choosing. (Yesterday I gave 'em a dozen roses courtesy of the Lion's Club selling 'em at school through their Leo Club.)

Mom wanted to try out The Caroline, a new restaurant that's where Taggart's used to be (a fairly well-known restaurant in Troy, OH). I like a grand adventure, so I agreed to take 'em there. Although they lost my reservation, it wasn't really needed and we were seated right away. We got a friendly waitress who did a nice job serving us. For an appetizer we had shrimp cocktail. We all had side salads (I had the Caesar salad), then our main courses came out. Mom got the prime rib, which was the day's special. It was very juicy and tasty. Dad ordered their house steak (and he got it medium, which was a shock). I ordered their chipotle pork chop with spiced apples - tasty but I should have gotten medium rather than medium well - was just a bit dry. I also had the lyonaisse potatoes as my side - basically fried taters cooked with onions. Then, though we were pretty stuffed, we split their three layer chocolate cake. Very very moist and tasty!

It was a very pleasant evening out and we enjoyed ourselves and our food. Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad! Here's to 40 more! :-)
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