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Spring Break '08!

Although I had today off (being Good Friday and all that jazz) I didn't feel like I'd started Spring Break until just a few minutes ago when I finally finished the third Data Analysis Exercise for my stats class. But it's turned in, my proposal for my statistics final project is turned in (though originally I turned in a StarOffice file instead of Word document - whoops!) and I can now think a bit more about Spring Breaking!

I did sleep in today (well, til 8am - went to bed at the usual time last night since I was so tired) and talked dad in to buying Chinese Buffet for my lunch today. We also had a short stop at Walmart after lunch. But for the most part I've been in my library working on statistics. I'd been putting it off to get teaching stuff done last week and this week. The third quarter ended yesterday, so I've been trying to get caught up on grading. However, I have all of the quarter exams to grade and several retests for chemistry to grade (I had an Amnesty Day since some of the test scores this quarter were pretty low on average - I blame all the days off due to weather - or maybe lousy teaching, heh). Hopefully I'll actually do them rather than let them sit there until Sunday night of next week. Heh. (One of my seniors predicted that and I suspect he'll be right, procrastinator that I am.)

Anyway, back to statistics. I actually like doing the Data Analysis Exercises - number crunching has always been good to me. Indeed, I understand the exercises more than I understand the reading assignments. Well, at least I can use the tools to do the exercises and maybe understand what the numbers mean once they're crunched. StarOffice Calc has been a godsend to me (as MS Exel would have been had I had it installed on any of my computers, which I don't - ha!) but so have some nice websites which do statistical calculations which Calc can't do. OpenEpi has been wonderful for ANOVA and t-test results. And today I found an Effect Size Calculator to calculate Cohen's d. Joy joy. :-)

I usually like to visit judiang during Spring Break since it always falls close to her birthday, but with my college work (much of which needs completed this next week) calling to me, I'm having to bow out of the visit. :-( Judi's making me feel guilty, which she doesn't need to since I already feel guilty. But all that guilt will probably result in a nice present for her, so she wins in the long run. Heh. Anyhoo, I'm sure she and elsaf will have a lovely time, if Elsa's able to make it up there.

Tomorrow morning I'll use one of my 15-day City of Heroin cards I got for Christmas to start up the addiction again. My only concern is that the game will completely sap my break such that I don't get my college stuff done. I shall try to be strong. However, I'm itching so much to play again that I've got to do it. :-) I've already decided that the first toon I play will be my archer on the Freedom server - Pointed Stick. :-) Those 15 days have to last me until the end of the semester (April 28th or so) when I use the 30-day retail code for World of Warcrack. Ah, I've missed my little Elf and Dwarf hunters. (Not hunters of elves and dwarves, but hunters who are elven and dwarven.)

If I can tear myself away from CoH long enough tomorrow, I also intend to go to Fairborn for my Indian Fud/DWM run. Should be a nice day, even if the weather isn't nice. (Of course, if the weather is really crappy, I'll go to Fairborn another day of Spring Break.) Other plans for the break include FINALLY cleaning out closets and getting stuff together to take to auction, cleaning the house completely, reading, doing more college work, hanging out with the kitties, and whatever else I happen to think of doing. :-) Should be fun!
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